all beauty launch details in one place.


Background & Info

The creation of this site is to inform all the beauty junkies out there when all new beauty products will launch. I wanted to have all the launch details in one place, on one site. 

As a new beauty junkie myself I realized there needed to be one website that gave you all the information up front instead of searching on every beauty website or on social media. 

I will continue to share all new beauty launches including makeup, skincare, hair products, nail products, tools, and accessories. I will try to include indie brands as well as popular brands and all their launch product information. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

Disclaimer: All the information given is all I, Danielle Sosa, know to be true. I am not responsible if information changes without my knowledge. I will try my best to inform you all what is true and honest information. I will always let you know if posts are sponsored in any way. Thanks again!